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TYZOR® Organometallic Titanate and Zirconate Catalysts

Tyzor organic titanate and zirconate catalysts offer compelling advantages in crosslinking, adhesion promotion and catalysis by providing dramatic improvements in product performance and processing conditions with low environmental impact.

They are essential crosslinkers for many manufacturers of printing inks, paints & coatings, industrial sealants and corrosion protection products, and they're highly effective gelling agents in oilfield applications.  Their unique ability to bond with dissimilar surfaces makes them excellent choices in a variety of metal treatment and glass treatment applications as well.

Tyzor chemistry is exceptionally versatile, and Dorf Ketal's broad range of Tyzor Organic Titanates and Zirconates allows you to select exactly what you need for optimum reactivity and compatibility with your reaction conditions -- from very stable chelates to highly reactive esters, including products for solvent-based and water-based formulations. 

Dorf Ketal is the global leader in organic titanates and zirconates. We offer the world's broadest product line, including many organic titanate and zirconate catalysts available nowhere else, by virtue of our acquisition of Johnson Mattheys Vertec Catalyst intellectual property in 2011, Dupont's Specialty Catalysts Business in 2010 and Intec Polymers in 2009.

Tyzor catalysts are manufactured in Dorf Ketal's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the Port of Mundra, India, using processes that are highly integrated all the way back to titanium ore.  This single-source control assures you of exceptional quality, dependable supply, and highly responsive support from regional Dorf Ketal sales, customer service and technical teams in the United States and India.

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