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PHLOX - Enhancing Efficiency with Fuel Additives

The Phlox Division was created with a vision to serve the ever-accelerating consumer demand for high quality lubricants and fuels. The word Phlox means, "flame" in Greek. Phlox is also the name for a variety of flowering plants that have showy, multi colored flowers. The Phlox division offers a wide variety of fuel additives for the lubricant and the fuel industry. The division currently runs many R&D programs with customers to develop sophisticated products that meet their individual needs. Clients also regularly consult scientists of this division to develop new generation formulations. The Phlox division has promoted the concept of using multi functional fuel additives to enhance fuel quality.

Superior Performance in Low Dosages
The Phlox division's fuel additives are well known for performing superlatively at low dosages in unstable fuel to keep the engines clean, save fuel and reduce emissions. The lubricant range includes popular additives with applications in passenger cars, commercial crankcase oils, Two stroke engine oils, industrial lubricants etc. Many lubricant components such as copper passivators, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors and the likes have helped the customer to reduce treatment rates.

Product Application/Benefit
Extends Induction period and prevents gum formation
Corrosion Inhibitors
Prevents corrosion during pipeline transfer and storage
Metal Deactivator
Stability and performance of jet fuel/gasoline
Lubricity enhancer
Improves fuel lubricity performance
Cold flow improvers
Enhances performance targets & prevents problems due to low temperature
Middle Distillate additive
Enhances fuel stability

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