You need unique lubricant additive components for a challenging problem. We can help. We manufacture high performance lubricant and grease additives. They are developed on technology platforms which enhance modern technologies and are proven to work in all types of oils, greases and specialty lubricants.

Protect Machinery: Our anti-wear and extreme pressure additives provide functionality in lubricant formulations to reduce wear and extend equipment life. Our unique friction modifiers play a special role in minimizing friction which leads to increased production output and enhances fuel efficiency. We also provide a variety of specialty additive components to:

  • Reduce rust and corrosion in lubrication systems
  • Minimize pro-corrosive nature of yellow metals (copper, bronze and brass)

Extend Lubricant Life: If you’re concerned about protecting the performance of the lubricants you use, and their ability to perform over long periods of time, we have lubricant additives you need:

  • Antioxidants to extend lubricant service life
  • Dispersants to minimize sludge and deposits
  • Antifoams to minimize foam and air entrainment
  • Anti-wear additive components to minimize machine wear under extreme conditions

Increase Sustainability: Increasing fuel efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint are two major areas where we can help you increase your sustainability.

  • Unique friction modifiers reduce friction and enhance fuel efficiency
  • Our antioxidants increase lubricant life to reduce your carbon footprint


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