Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) can be a component of formation gases dissolved in water and hydrocarbons during oil and gas operations. It is toxic, corrosive and, at high concentrations, can be extremely hazardous and lethal.  

How Do We Help?

Dorf Ketal H2S scavengers react with one or more sulfide species to convert them to a more inert form.  MAXSCAV™ is new chemistry that increases the efficiency and speed of removing hydrogen sulfide from crude oil, field condensate, atmospheric gas oil and produced natural gas to improve safety, protect equipment and meet oil and gas sales specifications.  MAXSCAV H2S scavengers are available in amine and unique non-nitrogen options. Unlike commodity and catalyzed MEA and MMA triazines where removal efficiency deteriorates at temperature above 450C, MAXSCAV scavengers maintain performance efficiencies at temperatures greater than 1000C. Dorf Ketal scavengers have been proven to contribute high performance and minimal impact in further processing at refineries or in wastewater treatment facilities.  This cost-effective product has gained approval in gas lift injection and chemical injection on offshore production applications. 

Our H2S scavengers:

  • Initiate an Instantaneous and irreversible reaction to remove H2S with no effect on oil, gas or fuel quality
  • Safely eliminate ‘rotten egg’ odor
  • Provide improved operational reliability
  • Improve personnel safety
  • Reduce the potential for corrosion in equipment, tubulars and pipelines
  • Maintain asset integrity and reduces costs for equipment maintenance and replacement
  • Guarantee oil specifications
  • Improve production performance

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