Scale deposits can accumulate in producing wells, water and disposal wells, flow lines and surface equipment.  They damage equipment, reduce flow rates and lower efficiencies. 


How Do We Help?

Dorf Ketal scale inhibitors are innovative, customized and cost-effective products that help our clients achieve production goals and meet environmental standards.  Our products effectively prevent scale formation, modifying its crystal structure and inhibiting its further growth.  Our inhibitors are used in injection water, topsides injection, and subsea injections.  They are compatible with high calcium content and efficient at elevated temperatures. 

Dorf Ketal’s scale inhibitors:

  • Prevent deposition in production and disposal wells, surface equipment and flow lines
  • Increase production flows
  • Decrease the risk of unscheduled equipment shutdowns
  • Avoid formation damage issues
  • Work effectively above or below the surface

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