Competition drives improvement. When suppliers compete for your business you gain new options which lead to process optimization and increased profitability. Dorf Ketal, the fastest growing specialty chemicals company in India, a global leader in the oil & gas industry and the world's largest manufacturer of organic titanates is bringing its problem-solving expertise to the Pulp and Paper global market. We disrupt the status quo of established competitors with unique problem solving solutions and innovative technologies to increase our customer’s profitability.



INNOVATION, ENVIRONMENT, and SAFETY are the foundation for our product development and service commitment. We are dedicated to approach each customer with an open, inquisitive mind, a strong spirit of service, and a dedication for listening and discovery to understand their unique situation and to find the best solution.




INNOVATION: Dorf Ketal is the epitome of a problem-solving company with a distinguished track record for discovering and commercializing game changing technologies. The chemical additives we offer for the Pulp and Paper industry are designed within a 5th Generation open innovation ecosystem. This innovation model accelerates product development by allowing innovation to occur in an internal and external environment while enabling the integration of customer strategies in the development, manufacture, delivery and after-sales service.

ENVIRONMENT: Sustainability creates economic value, contributes to healthy ecosystems and builds strong communities. Products developed for the Pulp & Paper industry have a robust environmental footprint in accordance with Responsible Care® guidelines and the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda.

SAFETY: Products developed for the Pulp & Paper industry are manufactured to stringent, consistent quality, health, safety, security and environmental (QHSSE) standards. We embrace our conviction to meet or exceed the QHSSE requirements and regulations established by our customers and government and regulatory partners.



Customers win when their suppliers are able to offer a product line that serves multiple applications within their mill. Profit improvement propositions and problem solving solutions are greater when suppliers have the flexibility to address multiple applications within the mill. Dorf Ketal’s product offering serves the critical applications in pulping and paper-making.

Trade Name





 Foam Control


 Microbiologial Control


 Cooking Aid



 Lime Mud Control



 Liquor Clarification



 Odor Control


 Extractives Control


 Scale Inhibitor



 Charge Control






 Dry | Wet Strength



 Retention | Drainage



 Sizing Agent



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