We understand your position. In the past several decades, crude oil refining has changed: You’ve had to meet the challenge of adhering to legislative requirements for clean fuels and more stringent effluent and air quality while facing rising crude oil prices. One popular strategy to improve refinery gross margins has been to switch to opportunity crude oils to lower costs, but these crudes often stress downstream processes.

Today’s refiners face a myriad of newly emerging challenges. Trying to make old technology work against new problems often doesn’t work. That’s why Dorf Ketal has introduced patented and proprietary new solutions for the petroleum refining process issues in your plant, including:

  • Poor desalting performance against changing crude slates poor desalter performance
  • The presence of inorganic (iron) and organic metals (calcium naphthenate)
  • The conductive nature of crudes
  • A variety of emulsion and fouling issues caused by shale oils
  • Incremental ammonia in your process waters & amines in crude oil, causing corrosion and salting issues
  • High acid corrosion due to increased naphthenic acid in feeds
  • High solids
  • Heat exchanger fouling, resulting in incremental firing in fired heaters, often resulting in lost throughput and unscheduled downtime
  • Fouling and Coking in some of the bottom of the barrel conversion units, such as Cokers & Visbreakers
  • Need for more liquid yield from Delayed Coking

Dorf Ketal delivers a whole new approach to these and other opportunity crude oil challenges, surveying your process in depth to identify problem contributors. As appropriate, we collect and characterize field streams, subject them to lab simulation, and verify results before we offer a product solution. 

With our proprietary refinery chemistries and predictive performance services, we partner with you to produce the highest possible operating margins in your refinery in a reliable manner, and the flexibility to address your ever changing profit improvement opportunities. 


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