Dorf Ketal Speciality Catalysts is a market leader in cross-linker and chain extender technologies. Our broad product line of titanate and zirconate organometallics and amine chain extenders has delivered coating performance and formulation flexibility for more than three decades.

Tyzor® titanate and zirconate organometallic technology is used in applications ranging from treating metallic, ceramic and glass surfaces to functioning as a cross-linker of polymers or binders or as an inorganic binder by itself.

Key performance attributes include:

    • Cross-links functional polymers or binders containing –OH, COOH and similar functional groups to promote adhesion.
    • Acts as inorganic binder by itself or in combination with other metal oxides in mineral-filled systems that are resistant to high temperatures.
    • Acts as a surface treatment to increase surface hardness, promote adhesion, add coloring effects and iridescence, reflect heat and light, and improve corrosion resistance.
    • Total or partial hydrolysis in sol-gel applications, typically in combination with other metal alkoxides, produces metal oxide systems for use as binders or coatings.
    • Forms micro- or nano-scale TiO2 and ZrO2 pigments and can be used to create polymeric TiO2 and ZrO2 surface films using pyrolytic or hydrolytic processes.

Dorf Ketal Clearlink and Unilink technologies increase coating performance and are easily applied using conventional methods.

    • Clearlink aliphatic diamine chain extenders for use with aliphatic isocyanates to produce tough, UV light stable coatings that can be applied using conventional spray techniques.
    • Unilink aromatic diamine chain extenders cure TDI and MDI coating compounds at ambient temperatures. Their low viscosity improves handling, surface wetting, adhesion and finish.
    • Unilink® titanium based polyurethane catalysts can be used with a wide variety of isocyanates and primary polyols, are moisture tolerant and demonstrated excellent storage stability in polyols.

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