Dorf Ketal’s COKERMAX™ is a breakthrough program for Delayed Coking to improve liquid yield by 1-2% without changing coke morphology or distillate quality.  The solution includes:

  • An easy to feed chemical additive
  • Data Mining tools to quantify the yield improvement
  • Monitoring to optimize the cost efficiency of the additive

Dorf Ketal has developed a laboratory method that helps you assess the potential COKERMAX™ can deliver in your refinery. The assessment process involves testing samples of your coker feed in our laboratory, followed by on-site review of the data. We can then review your baseline data to determine how we can demonstrate and quantify the impact of the additive on liquid yield. A full scale evaluation can be done with standard chemical feed equipment, without the necessity of capital investment in the unit.  Within a few weeks of operation, change in the coke yield and liquid sub-yield can be quantified. 

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