May 16, 2017 - David Comer, Technical Manager Dorf Ketal Chemicals is presenting TANSCIENT at the June COQA meeting in St. Louis. TANSCIENT is new corrosion inhibition chemistry which increases refining flexibility and profitability in the use of high TAN crudes.

Historically, refiners have preferred to use metallurgy as the primary strategy to increase TAN limits. The use of phosphorus based inhibitors is a common chemical corrosion inhibition strategy; however, some users have experienced phosphate fouling in downstream hydro-processing operations attributed to these inhibitors and have limited the amount of allowable phosphorus.

An improved understanding of the corrosion inhibitor chemistry has led to the design of TANSCIENT, new chemistry that controls corrosion with reduced fouling. It is a polymeric phosphate triester with a synthesized alcohol which increases thermal stability and oil solubility. This chemistry innovation combined with improved monitoring technologies is changing refiners’ perspectives on TAN management and increasing refiner flexibility in the use of high TAN crudes to increase profitability.