LARTC 4th Annual Meeting June 10, 2015 - Miami, FL:  The LARTC 4th Annual Meeting will be in Miami June 10-11. This premier event is focused on the refining industry in the Americas and offers an in depth technical program sharing best practices and exclusive case studies that can assist you in your plant as well as market scene setting keynotes that will aid your business decisions.

Dorf Ketal will be presenting key findings related to its latest corrosion science innovation, TANSCIENT™, on Wednesday, June 10th.

TANSCIENT™ has demonstrated significantly improved corrosion protection in refining high tan crudes. TANSCIENT™'s superior phosphorous efficiency offers refiners greater control of corrosion protection while significantly reducing risk in addressing variations in naphthenic acid composition.  TANSCIENT™ produces more effective passivation and ongoing protection with up to 80% less phosphorus than competitor HTCI products. This is breakthrough chemistry and a true game changer for the industry.

Key benefits include:

  • Superior thermal stability and oil solubility
  • Maximum surface reactivity, more effective protection
  • Low acidity, does not require cooled slipstream for injection
  • Familiar, easy-to-implement phosphorus-based passivation
  • Reduces risk of phosphorus fouling and catalyst impairment

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April 10, 2015 - Houston, TX; Dorf Ketal Specialty Catalysts will be attending the 2015 European Coatings Show April 21 - 23 in Nuremberg, Germany.  Dorf Ketal will be promoting its industry benchmark Tyzor® line of catalysts.

The European Coatings Show highlights all the sector’s global trends such as solutions for bio-based coating systems, water-based and UV-cured coatings, functionalized nanoparticles.

Dorf Ketal's Tyzor® organometallics have unique properties which can play a major role in the development of a wide variety of coatings and coating applications.  As an additive to paint and coating formulations, Tyzor improves adhesion and dispersion by bonding inorganic fillers with resins using our polyolefin adhesion promoters.  In glass and ceramic coating applications, Tyzor increases surface hardness, promotes coating adhesion, enhances resistance to scratches and corrosion, adds coloring effects, improves heat and light reflection and adds iridescence.  Tyzor can also be formulated into corrosion coatings to provide corrosion protection by forming a thin, but strong and flexible film and bind sacrificial pigments such as zinc or aluminum to dissimilar metal substrates.

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April 10, 2015 – Houston, TX; Dorf Ketal Specialty Catalysts will be participating at the UTECH Europe 2015 conference to be held at the MECC in Maastricht, April 14 - 16.

Dorf Ketal will be promoting its industry benchmark Tyzor® line of catalysts. UTECH is the leading international event for the polyurethanes industry and features top companies from a broad cross section of the polyurethanes industry.

Titanium alkoxide compounds combined with metal organics have found widespread application as catalyst components for the production of polyolefins. As the world’s largest producer of organo titanates with regional warehousing throughout the globe, Dorf Ketal offers direct buying advantages as compared to purchasing through a distributor with both packaging and pressure vessel options available. 

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