February 17, 2015 – Houston, TX; Dorf Ketal Specialty Catalysts will be promoting its industry benchmark Tyzor® line of catalysts at this year’s SPE International Polyolefin Conference to be held at the Hilton Houston North Hotel on February 22- 25, 2015.

Titanium alkoxide compounds combined with metal organics have found widespread application as catalyst components for the production of polyolefins. As the world’s largest producer of organo titanates with regional warehousing throughout the globe, Dorf Ketal offers direct buying advantages as compared to purchasing through a distributor with both packaging and pressure vessel options available. 

This year’s conference theme is Four Decades of Advancing Polyolefin Technology 

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January 20, 2015 - Houston, TX – For petroleum refiners, improving profitability by processing high acid opportunity crudes requires an investment in high temperature corrosion protection. Investing in metallurgy delays profit improvement and return on capital is uncertain. Conventional chemical inhibitors require high phosphorus treat rates which introduce fouling and operating risks that have deterred acceptance of chemical solutions.

In response, Dorf Ketal Chemicals LLC, a specialty chemical company serving the downstream refining and petrochemical industries, has introduced TANSCIENT™, a breakthrough in corrosion science. TANSCIENT™ offers more effective passivation and ongoing protection with up to 80% less phosphorus than competitor HTCI products. TANSCIENT™ was previewed recently at the CORCON 2014 Conference & Expo in Mumbai, India and will be launched at CORROSION 2015 March 15-19, 2015 in Dallas, Texas.

“TANSCIENT™ is effective at concentrations significantly below the recommended phosphorus specification of the Canadian Crude Producers Association, 0.5 ppm P, a limit that has been reinforced by catalyst manufacturers”, said P.N. Ramaswamy, Director, Technical Services at Dorf Ketal Chemicals (I) Pvt. Ltd. “High phosphorus treat rates with traditional phosphate ester programs may impair the downstream unit catalyst increasing fresh catalyst addition and may potentially foul the hydrotreater, decreasing the run length of the unit. TANSCIENT™ avoids this risk.”

“Refiner confidence in this new technology is changing perspectives on the use of chemistry,” said Jim Ondyak, Executive Vice President of Dorf Ketal. “The improved level of safety, reliability, efficiency, and cleanliness in corrosion protection offered with this chemistry is changing operating strategies for taking advantage of high TAN opportunity crudes.”

For more information on TANSCIENT™, visit http://www.dorfketal.com/innovations/tanscient

About Dorf Ketal
Dorf Ketal Chemicals LLC is a Delaware-based company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dorf-Ketal Chemicals India Private Limited, a privately owned specialty chemical company based in Mumbai, India. Globally, Dorf Ketal is the industry’s fastest-growing provider of formulated specialty chemicals to the downstream hydrocarbon markets. New problem-solving chemistries are producing a vitality index of over 35 percent, and have contributed to sustained and rapid global growth with Dorf Ketal serving many of the world’s leading refiners and petrochemical producers.

December 15, 2014 - Houston, TX; Dorf Ketal Speciality Catalysts, LLC - Tyzor® ACtivate™ PET catalyst improves the resin producer’s position in the value chain by increasing  profitability on a per metric ton basis and delivering a differentiated PET resin. This message was delivered by Dorf Ketal to resin producers, converters and brand owners through new technology forums conducted as part of sponsorships to ICIS PET Value Chain conferences in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Miami, FL, USA and Singapore.

“We saw major themes emerge from discussions with producers, converters and brand owners across the regions,” said Ralph Wagner, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Dorf Ketal. “Commoditization of PET resin is increasing. Excess resin production capacity and a continued shift in power to buyers and specifiers of PET resin are two factors driving this commoditization. PET commoditization is then accelerated by the PET producers’ reduced appetite for innovation. Commercializing a new resin requires significant investment and producers are not going to invest in innovation if they won’t be paid for it.”

"PET resins producers are faced with tremendous challenges to maintain or even achieve profitability", said Andrea Smith, Technical Marketing Manager for Dorf Ketal. "Tyzor ACtivate catalyst technology can improve their profitability per metric ton PET and produce a differentiated PET resin for their customers. Enhanced resin performance is attributed to changes in the temperature of crystallization on the heat up and cool down curves for resins catalyzed with ACtivate. This translates into reduced molding cycle times for bottle preforms and increased light weighting for Hot Fill bottles”.

"Chinese resin producers and specialty resin and film producers in Europe and North America have accelerated evaluation programs to utilize this technology", said John McChesney, Global General Manager for Dorf Ketal. "Converters see the value and are aggressively evaluating how they can bring this technology into their product development plans. We are optimistic that ACtivate PET catalysts technology will increase PET profitability across the PET value chain”.

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About Dorf Ketal

Dorf Ketal Speciality Catalysts LLC, based in Houston, TX is a wholly owned subsidiary Dorf Ketal Chemicals LLC.  Dorf Ketal (I) Pvt. Ltd. (www.dorfketal.com) is a privately owned specialty chemical company based in Mumbai, India with operations in the Asia Pacific, the EU, South America and the USA. Dorf Ketal is the industry’s fastest-growing provider of formulated specialty chemicals to upstream and downstream hydrocarbon markets and the market leader in organometallic catalysts and cross-linkers serving a broad range of applications and industries. The firm’s innovative chemistries are reflected in numerous patents and a corporate vitality index of more than 35 percent. Dorf Ketal is a Responsible Care® company with RCMS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.