When our customers need solutions, we take action. That’s why innovation is at the cornerstone of everything we do.

Profit-Driven Solutions: By using patented, proprietary solutions, our customers have documentable ROI in applications as diverse as crude oil production, refining, finished fuel management, , ethylene and styrene production, and PET resin manufacturing. Our commitment to basic and applied research and development allows us to provide more, new chemical process solutions than any other market leaders. The chemistry is differentiated to help you do your job faster, cheaper and more effectively.

Service: We listen to our customers’ needs and move quickly against your most difficult problems. We bring safety, reliability, predictability and flexibility to make sure you attain production optimization in oil and gas applications.

Global Reach: With expertly staffed commercial centers in the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Singapore, China and India, we service many of the world’s largest petrochemical complexes.

At Dorf Ketal we provide:

Refining - Process Chemicals for crude processing, and the downstream refining market.

Petrochemical - Process Chemicals for the ethylene, styrene and butadiene markets.

Fuel Performance Treatment - Additives for enhancing fuel performance and handling in refineries, cargo and terminal markets.

Lubricant Additives Components – for the oil and grease markets.

Speciality Catalysts – Tyzor® organo-metallic catalysts and cross-linkers for process and product improvement in a broad range of applications in oil and gas stimulation, CASE, PET, PBT, Polycarbonate and Polyolefin production markets. Unilink® and Clearlink® chain extenders and catalysts for Polyurea and Polyurethane markets

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