Is combating corrosion in your Crude Unit Overhead a constant challenge? For years, hydrogen chloride has been the main culprit for overhead corrosion, making desalting an important step in providing solutions.  

Factors challenging your system include:

  • Upgrading – A huge recycle of ammonia causes deposition and under-deposit corrosion in the overhead lines with hydro-treatment/upgrading.
  • Electrolytes – High Acid Crude processing and enhanced oil recovery in upstream oil wells has led to corrosive environments and elevated dew points. 
  • Reducing Overhead Temperatures – To maximize the production of jet fuel, temperature changes can result in an increased rate of corrosion in the overhead and naphtha sections.

We engineer solutions by:

  • Mapping the electrolytes in the overhead system.
  • Using this data to simulate the dew point condition to analyze the corrosion potential in your system.
  • Selecting neutralizers suitable for the unique conditions of your refinery.
  • Designing wash water systems to reduce corrosion rates in the overhead.

Our team of experts will also help you tackle ammonium chloride fouling rates. 

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