April 20, 2016 - Dorf Ketal announces the appointment of Ms. Aileen Valera to the position of Senior Technical Services Manager, Heavy Fuel Oil & Branded Fuel Business. Ms. Valera brings over 16 years of technical and marketing experience in the petroleum industry at Chevron, Petron and Afton Chemical including participation in the development of oil product national standards and regulations. Most recently, her responsibilities at Afton Chemical included provision of technical service to refineries and marketing divisions of oil companies in the Asia Pacific region.

“Aileen’s experience working for major oil companies and suppliers to major oil companies will greatly benefit Dorf Ketal customers,” stated Dr. Miltos Papachristos, CEO and President Dorf Ketal Global Fuels Additives business. “Her knowledge of product formulation development, product approvals, and positioning of branded fuels, lubricants, bitumen and specialties provides a strong foundation for growing our business through excellent customer service.”

"Global Fuels Additives is a strategic growth market for Dorf Ketal and power generation, marine and branded fuels are new market segments for us," commented Mr. Sudhir Menon, Chairman and Managing Director of Dorf Ketal. "These markets are characterized by technical innovation, customer technical service and the industry knowledge to quantify the value for the customer. We are making excellent progress in strengthening our position in these markets." 

March 31, 2016 - Dorf Ketal Chemicals has targeted global fuels additives for growth. Miltos Papachristos, CEO and President Global Fuels Additives is reshaping and executing Dorf Ketal’s global fuels additives strategy.

“Global Fuels Additives is a strategic growth market for Dorf Ketal,” commented Mr. Sudhir Menon, Chairman and Managing Director of Dorf Ketal. “Technical innovation, customer technical service and intimate industry knowledge to quantify value for our customer is how Dorf Ketal competes. We are making excellent progress in strengthening these attributes in our global fuels additives business.”

“Leveraging Dorf Ketal’s innovation competency is key to our Global Fuels Additives growth strategy,” stated Dr. Miltos Papachristos. “Fuel refiners and marketers face rapidly changing environmental and regulatory issues. Dorf Ketal has the innovation track record to solve these challenges.” 

March 30, 2016 – ACtify™ and new reactive chemistry for desalting presented at AIChE

The AIChE Spring Meeting is the year’s key technical conference for practicing chemical engineers and Dorf Ketal will be there. We will be presenting two papers and hosting an exhibit as part of the AIChE-EPC program. Kyle Mankin will be presenting Supercharge Styrene Polymerization Control with Dorf Ketal ACtifyTM Technology on Tuesday during the Aromatics and Polymers II session. ACtify technology significantly increases reaction rate and adds a unique, retarder-like decay characteristic.  In commercial applications, our activated inhibitors have demonstrated reductions in polymer formation ranging from 40-65% in styrene distillation trains previously being treated by ‘industry leading’ inhibitors. 

On the same day, David Comer will be presenting A Solution for the Increasing Amine Cycle in Refinery Operations in Room 343B during the Refinery Margins and Operations session. Improved desalting is a viable technical option to deal with tramp amines from both the incoming crude and the sour water/wash water recycle circuits.   A new desalting adjunct chemistry option is now available that is non-acid and demonstrated as being able to safely and effectively remove amines from the crude in the desalter.   

We look forward to seeing you April 10-14 at AIChE in Houston!