To provide reliability and improve efficiencies throughout your refinery, you need chemical programs to address the ancillary units in your facility. Dorf Ketal offers these solutions for ancillary units including: 

  • MEROX (LPG) Units – We are a leading provider of emulsion breakers and anti-foams to MEROX Units. These units reduce amine carry-over.  
  • Amine Treating Units – We have vast experience controlling foam with silicone and non-silicone anti-foams to reduce amine losses.  In addition, we provide corrosion and heat stable salts control for the amine circuits. 
  • Sour Water/Neshap Strippers – We provide improved water quality and corrosion control for sour water strippers with emulsion breakers programs to reduce fouling.
  • Desalter Brine Treatment Package – Maximize the removal of solids with coagulant programs and proprietary H2S Scavengers. 

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