There are three paths to improving your Cetane numbers to meet industry requirements:

1) use great proportions of higher Cetane streams in the fuel,
2) reconfigure your refinery operations, or
3) add Cetane Number Improvers (CNI) to the diesel pool.

Dorf Ketal’s Cetane Improver increases the cetane number by reducing ignition delay during combustion. This helps increase the value of the fuel and the profitability of your operations. We provide detailed, effective guidance for safe handling of Cetane Improver additives, which can be added to the fuel at the refinery, terminal or on-board vessel.

Our Cetane Number Improvers:

  • Are stored, tested and distributed locally with reduced lead times for quick delivery
  • Have excellent additive response
  • Enhance refinery operation flexibility, while delivering high quality diesel

Our Product
Cetane Improver

  • CEPRO 100

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