If your facility processes bitumen, fuel oil, naphtha, gas and gas oils, and your visbreaker is experiencing process challenges, you need a proactive chemical strategy for problems occurring in the unit. 

Dorf Ketal has solutions for:

  • Foaming in the soaker or main column
  • Overhead corrosion due to a low pH
  • Visbreaker heater coking/fouling
  • Bottoms heat exchanger fouling – resulting in reliability issues
  • Fuel oil compatibility/cleanliness problems 

Dorf Ketal offers unique chemical programs to address these issues.

We provide:

  • Good coking/fouling control in the heaters, while maintaining unit conversion rates
  • Reduced rate of deposition for Poly Nuclear Aromatics (PNAs)
  • Increased salability of produced fuel oil
  • Meeting specification for compatibility/cleanliness for vis-broken residue
  • Anti-foam products
  • Comprehensive corrosion control (neutralizers and corrosion inhibitors)

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