Refiners face significant safety, environmental, operational and compliance issues. Dealing with these challenges is as important to us as it is to you.

You need to maximize high value fuels while finding cost effective ways to reduce and control the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Mercaptan levels in all liquid hydrocarbon fuels, from middle distillates to residual fuel oils.

Our range of Sulfur Contaminants Scavenger, including H2S Scavengers and Mercaptan Scavenger, allows refiners to efficiently improve fuel safety and quality while restoring crude oils and fuels to optimal levels.

Both technologies are caustic free formulations providing a rapid, non-reversible reaction when injected into the fuel. Note: Thorough mixing is required for application success. Our formulations:
  • Offer a broad range of additives for all fuel types
  • Are tested and stored locally for reduced lead times and quick delivery
  • Passed the “No Harm & Compatibility” test
  • Can be used with other additives

Our Products
H2S Scavengers for fuel and oil distillates

  • SR1940 (non nitrogen)
  • SR1954

Mercaptan Scavengers - non metal options for gasoline

  • SR1982

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