The product stewardship program at Dorf Ketal ensures our products are created, manufactured, stored, distributed, used and disposed of in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Our products are critical to the efficient production and use of energy, and in the efficient creation of many products. Supplying chemicals in a responsible manner demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development and protects our competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Social forces shape our product stewardship program, including emerging regulations and the need for companies to assume responsibility for their products throughout their life cycles.

Advancing knowledge of the health and environmental impact of our products benefits us by promoting practices that eliminate the need for inappropriate regulatory restrictions, secure product registrations and compliance of our products, and promotes the use of our products in sustainable applications.  

Our multidisciplinary product stewardship program aligns with our QHSSE policies and its global commitment to Responsible Care© Guiding Principles and codes of practice. A foundation of regulatory compliance in which we strive to meet or exceed applicable regulations, enhances the company’s ability to protect people and the environment. 

Our product stewardship guidelines apply throughout the product lifecycle:

  1. Planning and development
  2. Production
  3. Supply and logistics
  4. Product use
  5. Product disposal, recycle or re-use

GHS Safety Data Sheets of our products are available on request via our Contact Form. These SDS give important information about our products, such as potential hazards, safe handling, storage and disposal.

For other queries in relation to Product Safety, please contact us :

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