Dorf Ketal began as a company focused on developing innovative new chemistries to solve challenging problems in crude oil refining and the petrochemical industry.   New chemistry to outperform established competitors continues to be a core growth strategy for Dorf Ketal. Just a few of the company’s most recent global firsts include:

  • Emulsion breaker technology has provided Dorf Ketal performance leadership in desalting for over twenty years. Unequaled by any competitor, Dorf Ketal emulsion breaker technology has proven superior in head-to-head field trials against top-tier competitive brands at the world’s leading refineries. Read More
  • ACtify™ is new chemistry for anti-polymerization in styrene production.  The portfolio of ACtify products is based upon an innovative chemical activator which dramatically improves performance of styrene polymerization inhibitors and retarders. Read More
  • TANSCIENT™ is a breakthrough in corrosion science that allows for safe and reliable refining of high TAN opportunity crudes. Its superior phosphorous efficiency means you gain more control of your corrosion protection and reduce your risk in addressing variations in naphthenic acid composition.  TANSCIENT™ offers more effective passivation and ongoing protection with up to 80% less phosphorus than competitor HTCI products. Read More

Dorf Ketal innovation is a commitment to solve challenging customer problems with new chemistry and application technology, not incremental improvements to old chemistry. We invest in extensive research to identify new chemistries and we embrace failure in our laboratories to assure success in our customer’s plants. Product development includes sophisticated proprietary simulations that allow us to predict results across a range of feedstocks under operational stresses that exceed “real-world” conditions. The result is more intellectual property than any of our competitors and a growing list of customers achieving measureable economic advantages for their stakeholders.

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