Our Coloring and Anticaking agents are a unique package for the fertilizer manufacturer as these Anticaking agents additionally impart color to the fertilizer as desired by the manufacturer. Now a current trend in fertilizer industry is to coloring the fertilizer.

This agent is a single, cost effective solution for preventing caking in the fertilizer as well as coloring the fertilizer granules. It is not only reducing the cost of using anticaking agent and coloring agent separately but also results in handling one agent rather than using two different agents. 

The advantages of coloring the fertilizers are numerous but major ones are:

  • The product of a particular manufacturer gets a unique identity and helps to improve Brand Promotion.

  • High cost fertilizers become adulteration proof

  • Raw material variations which in turn give rise to colour variation of the end product is not conducive for market identity. Colouring very much helps for uniformity irrespective of the nature of the material.

  • All the above do improve the product image and appeal.

Colors available are: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Violet and Black.

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