Increasingly stringent fuel emission regulations have compelled refiners to reduce the sulfur levels in fuels. The common process to desulfurize fuel also reduces the fuels inherent lubricity by reducing the concentration of polar molecules (sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen) and poly-cyclic hydrocarbons. A lack of lubrication due to reduced sulfur levels in diesel fuels will cause injection pump failure. 

Dorf Ketal has developed a line of Lubricity Improvers to provide you a cost effective way to protect against engine wear and reduce maintenance costs. Our lubricity improvers meet the wide range of application requirements. These low cost-in-use treatments are available as acid-based or ester-based additives. 

Advantages of Dorf Ketal Lubricity Improvers include:
  • Multi-product pipeline approved through IP protocol field trials
  • Extensive laboratory “No Harm” testing was conducted as per DGMK 531
  • Our products are available locally for easier distribution and lesser lead times

Our Products
Acid Lubricity

  • SR2008
  • SR2009
  • SR2019

Ester Lubricity

  • SR2010

Acid Lubricity Additive & ASA

  • SR2049

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