Dorf Ketal’s Tyzor® organic zirconates and titanates serve as cross-linkers for hydraulic fracturing fluids, fluid-loss reducers for drilling fluids, diverting agents for enhanced oil recovery and cross-linkers for secondary recovery via fluid injection.

Stimulation via hydraulic fracturing of tight oil and shale gas is a rapidly growing technology and Dorf Ketal has done more than kept pace. Our Tyzor® cross-linkers have been used in stimulation for almost three decades and we are still the leaders in high performance cross-linking.

Tyzor® cross-linkers;

  • Produce excellent Cost-In-Use performance
  • Generate excellent rheology in guar, derivative guar, CMC and synthetic polymers
  • Conserve water by performing in high TDS recycle water systems
  • Deliver excellent conductivity to maximize well production
  • Perform under acidic, neutral and alkaline conditions

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