Discounted crude oil provides an opportunity for refiners to improve margins. However, processing it can provide many challenges. If you’ve been looking for cost effective solutions, you should know there’s a reason we’re outshining the competition. Creating innovative formulations has helped us build long-term relationships with oil refineries around the world, resulting in increased market penetration. Today, more than half of the crude units treated by Dorf Ketal run less than 24 API. 

Leading the Way

Innovation is at the heart of Dorf Ketal, a company built on product differentiation and state-of-the-art R&D. Our customers know we effectively combine product and service to achieve a higher level of performance in opportunity crudes.

Dorf Ketal has consistently demonstrated technical innovation with emulsion breakers for opportunity crudes.

Our line of multifunctional products combine:

  • Dehydrating aids
  • Reverse emulsion breakers to keep the water oil free
  • A solids wetting agent to help move solids out of the oil layer

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