You need a low dose, low cost solution for caustic tower (red oil / red tide polymer) fouling in your facility. Our Red Oil Inhibitor: DA2604 is the solution. It’s a patented technology that is proven to work over more costly, conventional packages.

This innovative formulation dramatically reduces the fouling in caustic towers. The dosage can be optimized based on gums and acetaldehyde content measured in the caustic tower feed. This process limits normal column operations and affects plant throughput.

DA2604 is an organic formulation that:
  • Terminates the polymer
  • Is effective even when polymerization has taken place in the caustic tower
  • Solubilizes the polymer in the bulk caustic phase

The Key Monitoring Tools are:

  • Gums Content in spent, weak, medium and top loop
  • Acetaldehyde Content
  • Caustic Concentration
  • Column dP Profile

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