Dorf Ketal Ethylene Process Solutions are based upon new chemistries, proven products, advanced diagnostics and services to increase the run length and economnic performance of your ethylene plant.  They range from simple fixes to achieve proper dosage control, to complicated solutions involving sophisticated process modeling and new innovative ACtify® chemistry.

We Are Different 

Dorf Ketal’s toolbox of patented products are designed to solve your complex problems and biggest profit improvement opportunities. Our  unique ACtify® chemistry reduces costs of fouling polymer control, improves fouling protection, and makes it possible to eliminate nitrogen addition

Customized service solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We combat process problems from all angles; prevention, maintenance, and remediation of operating conditions that are already threatening the reliability of your unit.

We Deliver 
Ethylene Process Solutions from Dorf Ketal deliver increased economic performance by;

  • Extending furnace tube life.
  • Increasing run lengths with fewer turnarounds.
  • Improving compressor efficiencies, with less maintenance.
  • Increasing the flexibility to process more challenging feeds without the capital investment.
  • Providing new service tools that predict problems, before they happen.

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