You need to save time and money to get the job done. That’s why Dorf Ketal Ethylene Process Solutions -- proven products, diagnostics and services available for every type of application required by a modern ethylene plant -- will make your life easier.  They range from simple fixes like achieving proper dosage control, to complicated solutions involving sophisticated process modeling.

How Are We Different? 

We offer a complete service and technology package that includes chemistry not offered by anybody else. It starts with a toolbox of patented products designed to address your biggest profit improvement opportunities.  Next, customized solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We combat process problems from all angles; prevention, maintenance, and even remediation of operating conditions that are already threatening the reliability of you unit.

What can you expect from our Ethylene Process Solutions?

  • Significant savings from extensions in furnace tube life.
  • Longer run lengths and fewer turnarounds.
  • Improved compressor efficiencies, with less maintenance.
  • The ability to process more challenging feeds without the capital investment.
  • New service tools that predict problems, before they happen.

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