Dorf Ketal offers you a cost competitive alternative to the use of highly-toxic Di-Nitro retarders for the control of polymers in your styrene process.

ACtify® Green Retarder is a new innovative green polymer retardant that is thermally stable and provides excellent protection during unscheduled shutdowns.

Commercial and technical success has been demonstrated in EBSM plants worldwide. These ACtify® Green Retarder customers are seeing the benefit of improved efficiency of the inhibiting reactions and are able to;

  • Quantify DNBP protection to assure that ACtify provides equal or improved protection.
  • Maintain cost efficient manufacturing.
  • Achieve competitive total cost of operations versus DNBP


ACtify Green Retarder gives the industry a competitive solution that produces a safer environment and demonstrated assurance that the company eliminating DNBP is not disadvantaged on cost or performance compared to a company that does not convert. 

Let us show you the results and how they can increase the profitability of your Styrene operations. 

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