No other company offers Dorf Ketal’s combination of a full line of fuel additives and service. Our field engineers deliver treatment recommendations that provide the logistics and supply chain support you need, backed by a complete product line. Our solutions include innovative and services such as onsite monitoring and analyses, predictive models and proprietary reporting. Our products are approved for use by major oil companies and regulatory authorities worldwide.

Dorf Ketal’s 
fuel additives offer customized solutions for:

  • Refineries – We understand the dynamics of refineries so we can help you improve operating margins and increase product marketability.
  • Oil Terminals – Our field engineers can help you choose the right additives to optimize your blend and meet the most stringent market requirements.
  • Cargo Treatments – Dorf Ketal operations and warehouses supported by agreements with treatment and inspection companies facilitate prompt evaluation to select the appropriate additive and optimum dosages to meet demanding international fuel standards. We get you the additives you need, when you need them.
  • Fuel Marketers - Dorf Ketal's performance fuel additives, milEx and mph, are special blends of chemicals that are added into gasoline and diesel to enhance fuel quality and improve engine performance. Our products will work efficiently in all engine platforms, old and new alike.  

Our R&D team has developed innovative chemistry to help you meet the ever-changing fuel specifications and requirements.    

A broad portfolio of globally approved additives helps you meet fuel specifications.

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