Fractionator fouling can cause a premature shutdown in your ethylene plant, costing you time and money. To run longer lengths between outages, Dorf Ketal’s holistic approach to fractionator fouling control includes:

  • an analysis of fouling components
  • monitoring of tower operation
  • a customized solution to meet your specific needs

  • Reduce the production loss and maintenance costs due to shutdowns
  • Reduce fouling to other units (QWT/DSG and Gasoline Hydrogenation)
  • Avoid Ethylene yield loss
  • Increased capacity (from 600KTA to 900KTA)
  • Predict fouling rate while monitoring performance during operation
  • Prevent polymerization of styrene, di-vinyl benzene and naphthalene derivatives with DA 2340
  • Disperse the polymer for fouling control with DA 2351 (supplement to DA 2340)

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