Are you looking for a process simulation and modeling service backed by decades of support in helping refineries with their chemical applications 

At Dorf Ketal, our systems use:

  • Web-based plant predictive models employing unique algorithms to predict plant performance
  • Key performing indicators for the units being chemically treated with our programs
  • Statistical modeling to understand program results

Based on various technology platforms, we employ engineering software programs to provide remote monitoring/reporting of various KPIs to deliver optimized results.  

Examples of process simulation and modeling:

  • Crude Unit Overheads – Monitoring dew point, dew point pH and amine/ammonia salt points for various electrolytes
  • Charge Gas Compressor – Monitoring efficiencies in ethylene plants
  • Chemical Treatment and Wash Oil/Water – Developing best practices
  • Normalized Heater Inlet Temperatures – Based on pre-heat exchanger train monitoring, this compensates for changing conditions in the crude unit
  • Heat Exchanges – Monitoring critical units such as CAT Crackers and Dilution Steam Generators

Daily monitoring reports are available – even on a remote basis – with recommendations for optimizing improved plant performance.  

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