Arsine is one of the most potent known poisons to downstream catalyst in hydrocarbon processing.

Arsine is present in ppb/ppm level in propylene stream which poisons the downstream precious metal catalyst in polypropylene plants and hence required to be removed. Arsine is removed at ppb levels using our Arsine Removal catalyst.

This promoted Alumina catalyst has suitably developed pore structure, pore volume and surface area to allow optimum Arsine removal.



Specially prepared modified alumina. High surface area, pore structure & volume with excellent crush strength of the catalyst. Available as extrudates 3, 4 and 5mm diameter. White/off white in colour.

Areas of Application

The Arsine removal catalysts are used for removal of AsH3 and other arsine compounds generally termed to as “Arsenic Content”. The application temperature range is from 50 to 200 deg C. Typical application is removal of Arsine and Phosphine compounds from propylene & other polymer streams.

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