If you are experiencing short catalyst lifetimes with frequent changes, you need Dorf Ketal’s anti-foulant DA410.

DA410 extends the life of the PGH catalyst used to hydrogenate pyrolysis gasoline by reducing the polymer formation of styrenes, olefins and diolefins, the gum formation caused by high temperature polymerization.

A mixture of anti-oxidant, FRI and Metal Deactivator, DA410:
  • Has the proven ability to extend your catalyst’s lifetime by up to 36 months
  • Features strong polymerization inhibition, an anti-oxidant and a metal passivator
  • Has been proven to successfully control fouling in a number of facilities around the world

C4 Stabilization Additive:

The C4 Stabilization Additive is a good alternative to TBC, which is highly toxic and difficult to handle. With a blend of FRI and POI, the C4 Additive lowers peroxide in crude, is non-toxic and is distributed easily around the world.

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