Improving profitability by processing high acid opportunity crudes requires an investment in high temperature corrosion protection. Investing in metallurgy delays profit improvement and return on capital is uncertain. Conventional chemical inhibitors require high phosphorous treat rates which introduce fouling and operating risks.

Stronger, more efficient passivation layer with reduced riskDorf Ketal’s TANSCIENT™ products have superior thermal stability and oil solubility and deliver a stronger protective surface layer without the acidity and phosphorous fouling potential of competitive product offerings. TANSCIENT™ products are P-efficient which means up to 80% less phosphorus in your system. All of which adds up to corrosion protection with greater safety, reliability, efficiency, and cleanliness.

Dorf Ketal innovations provide:

  • Products that provide effective corrosion control at low levels of phosphorus, even with low sulfur crude blends and in lower temperature regions
  • Ease of implementation, no low temperature carrier stream required
  • Less risk of phosphorus fouling in crude and downstream hydrotreating units
  • A consultative package to assess corrosion risk and determine chemical feed and control strategy
  • A robust monitoring program for reliability and safety

Delivering profitable, reliable results. 
Find out what Phosphorus efficiency can mean to you.
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