Who Said There is No Innovation for Styrene! 

IT’s been almost 20 Years since a true innovation in anti-polymerization in Styrene production.  Now there is ACtify™. 

The ACtify™ family of products are:

ACtify TM 2673   Activated True Inhibitor

ACtify TM 2666   High Concentration, winterized Activated Inhibitor

ACtify TM 2680   Activated Green Retarder

ACtify TM 2676   Activated DNBP Retarder

They are all born from the discovery of a remarkable chemical activator that dramatically improves the performance of our styrene polymerization inhibitors and retarders.   When added to conventional di-Nitro retarders, this activator reduces by half the dosage required to achieve an equivalent level of protection. 

ACtify technology significantly increases reaction rate and adds a unique, retarder-like decay characteristic.  In commercial applications, our activated inhibitors have demonstrated reductions in polymer formation ranging from 40-65% in styrene distillation trains previously being treated by ‘industry leading’ inhibitors. 

The patent pending ACtify family of Inhibitors and Retarders are a true, novel innovation and a demonstration of what ingenuity and a devotion to solving customer problems can produce.

Let us show you the results and how they can help the profitability of your Styrene operations. 


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