If you are looking for Metals Removal for Desalters (including Calcium and Iron) for difficult to treat crudes (such as Doba, Shengli and CFD), you need an innovative solution for Sweet and Sour Crudes. 

Sweet Crudes:

Dorf Ketal has an organic acid that is more effective than other options available on the market.

Dorf Ketal’s Metals Removal for Desalters:

  • Removes iron and calcium without causing scale
  • Is not oil soluble, minimizing acid content in the crude
  • Is effective without using mineral acids
  • It is not corrosive to feed systems; a corrosion inhibitor is included in the formulations 

Special Note: We also have a non-acid, neutral pH alternative for this application.  

Sour Crudes:

When H2S and organic calcium are present in crude, it causes the generation of water insoluble solids (caused by the interaction of H2S and Calcium Napthenate).  As a result, a stable emulsion is often created, producing increased oil under carry. Dorf Ketal has an organic acid product that is uniquely effective for this situation.

This product formulation has the same list of benefits as documented above.

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