Foaming can occur in oil and gas formations for a number of reasons.  Its presence can cause problems with well production flows as well as hampering the performance of operating equipment.


How do we help?

Dorf Ketal antifoam and defoamer chemical deliver the control you require in O&G production operations.  We understand the causes of foaming and have the technologies to rectify the problems they create.  In upstream applications, we can quickly identify foaming and get to its origin, improving production and reducing operational problems. 

Dorf Ketal antifoams:

  • Retard foaming and correct existing foaming problems
  • Improve separation efficiency, reducing retention time
  • Increase well output
  • Avoid fluid carry-over in natural gas flow lines
  • Reduces carry-under of gas in the oil stream
  • Do not impact oil quality
  • Reduce production costs
  • Reduce loss of pump efficiency and capacity.
  • Lower pump cavitation probability and maintenance costs
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