Tyzor® ACtivate™ PET catalysts are hydrolytically stable titanate catalysts specifically designed for PET bottle and film resin.  ACtivate™ technology provides excellent catalytic activity, producing PET resin, bottles and film with superior color and aesthetics.

ACtivate™ catalysts benefits can be fine-tuned in a variety of ways to fit each manufacturer’s unique requirements for a balance of manufacturing efficiency, product quality and performance improvements in demanding applications.

Application Benefits include:

  • Reduced resin production costs
  • Decreased preform molding costs
  • Greater light weighting of hot fill bottles
  • Increased clarity/purity of films
  • Decreased DEG concentrations
  • Reduced level of oligomers, acetaldehyde and haze

ACtivate™ catalyzed resin has unique crystallinity properties compared to an equivalent antimony catalyzed resin. These crystallinity changes combined with the higher esterification and polymerization rates can significantly reduce resin production cost. Additionally, the crystallinity differences benefit downstream processing in reduced mold cycle time reductions of CSD bottles and light weighting of hot fill bottles.

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