We manufacture 3,5 Xylenol (3,5 Dimethylphenol / Meta Xylenol / MX) based on Catalytic process technology developed by our in-house R & D Centre. This production facility was commissioned in the year 2008 and its capacity was increased for meeting the requirement of the domestic and international market for disinfectant and healthcare applications.

Further the plant has been augmented to produce high purity Pharma Grade material to meet the demand of Pharma Industry. Presently the tonnage quantity of Pharma Grade are being exported to Europe market. The plant is operated by well qualified and experienced team of Engineers that enables meeting the stringent of QC norms.

Along with 3,5 Xylenol, Resin Grade Mixed Xylenol,2,5 Xylenol & Meta Cresol are also produced in our plant. The company has excellent growth plans by development of further downstream products from these organic chemicals.

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