Dorf Ketal CLEARLIQ™ is a family of high-performance polymer products which optimize the clarification of green or white liquor in pulp mills, improving the efficiency of white liquor production and promoting maximum pulp production while improving the recovery of re-usable chemicals to reduce the operation cost.

Application Program

Process Pre-Engineering is a rigorous assessment process our specialist team performs to ensure the success of the program in your operation. Interviews are conducted and data is collected to formulate the CLEARLIQ™ program including product selection, service program development and operations training. The steps we follow are:

  • Pre-engineering to establish the most cost-effective application points
  • Selection of chemistry based on the system and process requirements and IESConcept
  • Design and supply of conventional or automated dosing systems
  • ROI and eROI calculation report
  • Business Review meeting


Dorf Ketal offers a full range of services to effectively supply liquor clarification accelerator.

  • Lab Evaluation
  • Appropriate Equipment
  • Application Services including dosing and stock control, process KPIs management and more
  • Training
  • Experienced specialist team


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