Oil and water emulsions need to be efficiently and quickly separated, allowing the crude to be sold and clean water to be discharged in compliance with existing environmental regulations.


How Do We Help?

Dorf Ketal offers more unique emulsion technologies than anyone in the industry. A broad range of emulsion breaking formulas are engineered for each client application to help achieve production and environmental goals.  When added to produced fluids, our demulsifiers migrate to the water/oil interface, rupture or weaken the rigid film and enhance water droplet coalescence.  Our products offer outstanding performance in all produced fluids. They operate at low dosages and show high efficiency at lower operating temperatures, while providing rapid water drop with minimum oil carryover.  

Dorf Ketal’s emulsion breakers:

  • Promote a better phase separation process
  • Ensure a well-defined oil and water interface
  • Help producers meet crude oil sales specification
  • Improve the total production process
  • Reduce waste oil reprocessing and disposal
  • Improve storage vessel efficiency
  • Provide better process control and throughput
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