You asked: You needed environmentally responsible organic titanates and organic zirconates and liquid diamine technologies to help reduce operating costs, increase production and enhance product qualities and market value. 

We responded: Tyzor™, Unilink™, Clearlink™, and ACtivate™ brands of catalysts are used in over 20 different industries for applications as diverse as:

  • Making PET for bottles, food packaging and polyester fiber
  • Oilfield hydraulic fracturing crosslinkers
  • Coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers
  • Petrochemical catalysts for plasticizers, polyolefins
  • Polyurea and polyurethane elastomers and coatings

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Dorf Ketal offers technology for a broad range of applications including:

  • Printing Inks – Tyzor® adhesion promoters improves your ink’s adhesion to low surface energy polymeric films used in food and non-food packages.
  • Corrosion Protection – Tyzor products provides a thin, strong, light adhesive system and crosslinker adds unique function to metal coatings.
  • Sealants – Controls reaction rates and improves crosslinking and adhesion in silicone sealants and RTV-1 moisture cure systems.
  • Polymer / PET Production – Our ACtivate PET Catalyst systems were developed to offer improved resin performance in an antimony free system for making PET used in bottles, film and fiber.
  • Polymer / Polyols – Tyzor catalysts are used in Ziegler-Natta polymerization processes to increase reaction rates in Polyolefin Production. Tyzor® catalysts are also used in Esterification and Transesterification reactions where they provide high yield catalysts to produce (meth)acrylic esters, polyester, plasticizers, various esters and polyurethanes.
  • Adhesives – Improve adhesion and crosslinking in polypropylene oxide, acrylate, alkene oxide and/or polyurethane adhesive systems.
  • Paints and Coatings – Improves adhesion, dispersion, leveling and drying control by bonding inorganic fillers with resins. Tyzor® crosslinkers are also used in glass/ceramic coatings to increase surface hardness, promote coating adhesion, enhance resistance to scratches and corrosion, add coloring effects, improve heat and light reflection and add iridescence.
  • Polyurea and Polyurethane – Unilink and Clearlink chain extenders are used in aromatic and aliphatic isocyanate systems for coatings, foams and elastomers. Including those for special uses such as drinking water and UV resistance. Unilink organic titanate and organic zirconate catalysts are effective replacements to mercury and tin systems for urethane cast elastomers.
  • Polyolefin Catalysts - Titanium alkoxide compounds combined with metal organics have found widespread application as catalyst components for the production of polyolefins. Products can be bought in a combination of drums, B-type cylinders, C-type portable tanks, intermediate bulk containers (IBC's) and ISO containers.
  • Oil and Gas Stimulation – Tyzor™ crosslinking polymers for hydraulic fracturing fluids, fluid loss reducers for drilling fluids, diverting agents for enhanced oil recovery and crosslinkers for secondary recovery via fluid injection.

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