Paper process additives play a critical role in balancing and optimizing the mechanical and chemical aspects of papermaking. From the head-box of the machine to the presses and driers, Dorf Ketal paper additives meet the challenge across all types of paper from board and news print to tissue and fine papers. On the process side, Dorf Ketal additives improve the mechanical resistance, increase runnability with RDF programs and improves paper sizing by ensuring the correct retention and fixation of wax. When using recycled pulp, our deinking chemistry improves brightness and yield. Additional Dorf Ketal additives eliminate or minimize microbial, scale, foam and odor problems that have both quality and economic impact on pulping. These pulp additives are designed within a 5th Generation open innovation ecosystem that accelerates product development by allowing innovation to occur in an internal and external environment while enabling the integration of customer strategies in the development, manufacture, delivery and after-sales service.


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