Removal of ‘Sulphur’ compounds from hydrocarbon feedstock is one of the most essential criteria for further processing of these hydrocarbons. We offer the DS-series catalysts for these ‘Sulphur’ removal applications.

These are Zinc Oxide and/or Mixed Metal Oxides based catalysts.



DS-90-E catalyst is available as extruded as 3,4 and 5 mm diameter size range.

Areas of Application

This grade is suitable for removal of H2S from hydrocarbon feed stock from 250 to 400 deg C. Typical applications are in hydrogen plants prior to reforming of feedstock for hydrogen production.


DS- 90- E-HS is high activity Sulphur Guard catalyst with 90% ZnO & Mixed Metal Oxide and binders in extruded form as 3, 4 and 5 mm diameter size. 

Areas of Application

Removal of trace level of H2S & Mercaptans from various gas streams from ambient temperature and above. Most suitable for purification of natural gas stream.


Mixed metal oxide Catalyst; Proprietary composition.

Areas of Application

Very high capacity adsorption, for ambient temperature application for H2S, Mercaptans & COS removal. Specially suitable for Natural gas purification.


Proprietary Mixed Metal Oxide Catalyst, for Removal of Organic Sulfur Compounds from Refinery Streams.

Areas of Application

Typical Application in Removal of organic sulfur slip out during hydro-treater upsets in Refinery, to protect down stream ISOM unit. Can remove Mercaptans, Benzothiophenes/ Di-benzothiophenes, H2S, etc.


DS-90-T, 90% ZnO with suitable binder in tablet form sizes of 5mm Diameter & 7.5mm diameter and 5mm height.

Areas of Application

Removal of trace level of H2S and Mercaptans from gas streams above operating temperature of 120 deg C up to 400 deg C suited for Natural gas streams. Superior physical properties.


Specially prepared high activity Iron Oxide with binders in tablet form in sizes ranging from 5 mm diameter to 7.5 mm diameter and 5 mm height.

Areas of Application

Removal of H2S from hydrocarbon feed stock or gas streams from around ambient temperature with high adsorption capacity.


DS-LHS contain mixed metal oxides, proprietary composition in extruded form size 3 to 5 mm diameter.

Areas of Application

Removal of H2S/ COS/Mercaptans. Desulfurization of liquid Hydrocarbon streams to meet copper/silver strip test. Operating temperature from ambient to 230 deg C.

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