If not contained and eradicated, microbial growth in oil systems can be harmful to production by contaminating formations, hampering flow rates and causing detrimental build up in storage vessels.


How do we help?

Dorf Ketal recognizes bacterial problems early and deals with them aggressively.  We offer a range of biocides to contain the unwanted and destructive growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and microorganisms.  Our products attack these contaminants, neutralize them and achieve a threshold kill before they can inflict damage to the formation and equipment.  Our innovative products retard bacterial growth, reducing the need for costly remediation or repair. 

Our Biocides:

  • Produce efficient control of microorganisms
  • Avoid blocking of production wells and
  • Increase water injectivity capabilities
  • Reduce biofilms and slime that can damage equipment
  • Retard microbial induced corrosive (MIC) in equipment and and metal surfaces
  • Combat fluid souring  by offering better control of toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) accumulation in production equipment and vessels
  • Protect formations from externally induced bacterial contamination
  • Promote optimum product flow 
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