When slow dissipation is an issue or low sulfur fuels are transported through distribution systems (like pipelines), the risk of fire or explosion hazard caused by static build-up and electro-static ignition increases. As fuels have become cleaner over the years, lower sulfur levels have increased these risks. The process used to remove polar compounds from low sulfur fuels reduces the ability of the fuel to dissipate a static charge.

Dorf Ketal's Conductivity Improvers include a non-metallic range of Static Dissipator Additives (SDAs). At low concentrations (typically 0.5 to 2 mg/l), SDAs increase the electrical conductivity of middle distillates, reducing the risk of accidents.

Dorf Ketal’s Static Dissipator offers:

  • Low treat rates and low total cost of ownership
  • Extensive laboratory testing for "No Harm & Compatibility" with other additives used in the fuel
  • Local storage, testing and distribution for reduced lead times and quick delivery 


Our Product

  • SR1795



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