We offer a range of Copper Catalysts for red-ox reactions in Chemical Industry. The Catalysts of copper chromite and supported copper (on Alumina /Silica) have been developed and offered in various sizes and shapes to meet requirements of various chemical reactions and specialized applications in automobile exhaust treatment.

Copper chromite are employed in hydrogenation/de- hydrogenation reaction like Nitrobenzene-Aniline/Crotonaldehyde –N-butynol / Ethanol – Acetaldehyde/ISO – Borneol-Camphor / Oxo –Alcohol process / Furfural synthesis/Fatty Acids to Fatty Esters and many other process synthesis such as amines from nitro-compounds; functional groups of heavily unsaturated fatty acids.



Ba promoted copper chromite catalyst. Excellent flowability and filterability in slurry reactions; Higher density.

Areas of Application

Hydrogenation / De-hydrogenation, Nitro-Amino reduction applications in slurry phase reactions.



Ba promoted copper chromite catalyst black extrudates or tablets typically, in diameters on 4 & 5 mm.

Areas of Application

Low pressure hydrogenation / De-hydrogenation; Nitro-Amino reduction applications in gas phase reactions.



Black powder typically sized to suit customer needs. Finer grades can be made available. Specially promoted copper Chromite catalyst for high pressure slurry reaction.

Areas of Application

Hydrogenation / De-hydrogenation reactions. Typical application in Fatty Acids to Fatty Ester Reactions.


Cu as Cu supported on specially prepared Siliceous carrier. Black Extrudates/ Tablets typically 4 mm & 5 mm diameters.

Areas of Application

De-Oxo application; Nitro-Amino Reaction.


HC-60 E

Cu as Cu supported on specially prepared Siliceous carrier. Extrudates 3 mm dia. X 3 to 9 mm long.

Areas of Application

Cyclic De-Oxo applications.

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