The Crude Distillation and Vacuum Distillation Units (most commonly called “CDU” and VDU”) are challenged with a variety of problems that include hydrocarbon losses, reliability concerns, quality giveaways and energy costs. 

Dorf Ketal offers refiners programs for achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) for the refinery’s run-length objectives and to maximize the facility’s operating profitability. Dorf Ketal offers chemical programs for crude/vacuum units that include:

  • Desalter Treatment (including metal and tramp amine removal)
  • Preheat exchanger train and heater fouling control
  • Atmospheric unit overhead corrosion control
  • Vacuum unit overhead corrosion control
  • High temperature (naphthenic acid) corrosion control
  • Atmospheric Unit Top Pump Around Corrosion Control

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