Oilfield production waste water often contains quantities of oil and solids that can be problematic in reuse or disposal.  If not treated to within regulatory limits, financial penalties may be incurred.


How Do We Help?

Dorf Ketal’s water clarifiers have unique chemical formulas that improve the efficiency of separation equipment and reduce the total cost of operation.  During the separation process, our chemistry works with your equipment to improve the efficiency of removing solids, such as corrosion by-products, silt, sand and clay, along with oil.  The Dorf Ketal water clarification process is easy to apply, needs no dilution, and requires low dosages. 

Our water clarifiers:

  • Improve the separation process
  • Greatly lessen the risk of environmental damage
  • Meet discharge requirements for produced water environmental standards
  • Increase the recovery of sellable oil from produced fluids
  • Improve injectivity of produced water
  • Reduce solids and suspended oil levels in produced water
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