Are you searching for a way to maximize the performance and reliability of Cracked Gas Compressor systems in your ethylene production plant? Would you like to find a system that is being used effectively – with excellent results – by plant operators around the world?  

Dorf Ketal offers the COMPASS Modeling System, a customized treatment plan that:

  • Calculates precise Polytropic Efficiencies at each compressor stage
  • Predicts Specific Power Requirements
  • Assists with trouble-shooting process problems
  • Allows “What If” predictions for changes in wash water/oil 

The COMPASS program, used in conjunction with the FAT (Fouling Assessment Tool), will help you maintain operation for extended time periods between plant shutdowns.

 Some of the common benefits of using the COMPASS Modeling System include:

  • A sophisticated computer modeling system used in conjunction with customer SPYRO programs to properly evaluate and track the performance of the CGC.
  • Accurate estimations of stage-by-stage efficiency. Can be used to optimize the amount and location of added wash water/oil.
  • Excellent results when used effectively.  
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